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(Check back - this image will soon be replaced by live Web Cam images of Jean Claude - "Alone on the Ice")

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List of Guess Box locations (This list is growing daily)

  • Great Northern Cycle & Ski Shop
  • Nelson's Ace Hardware
  • Sportsman & Ski Haus - Kalispell
  • Sportsman & Ski Haus - Whitefish
  • Whitefish Lake Restaurant



Contest "Fine Print" – Whitefish Ice Breakup

Sponsored by Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation and the Whitefish Ski Heritage Museum.

Guess the closest date and time to the minute when “Jean Claude Cousteau”, the FVSEF ice dummy, falls through the ice signifying the breakup of the ice on Whitefish Lake.  Jean Claude Cousteau is positioned on the ice in front of The Lodge at Whitefish Lake with his every move monitored by a webcam.

The exact time that Jean Claude’s FVSEF belt buckle becomes fully submerged is the official time mark of the contest.  The closest guess(es) to the exact time to the minute will split the proceeds of all the guesses submitted.  In the case of a tie, all successful entries will equally split 50% of the proceeds of the guesses.

Tickets are on sale March 1 until the ice breakup.  In order to participate, you can submit your guesses at a Guess box located at several locations around Whitefish, or you can print the PDF form for Guesses and mail the form and $2.00 for a guess or 6 guesses for $10.00 to:

FVSEF Whitefish Ice Break Up

P.O. Box 623

Whitefish, Montana 59937

A list of Guess Box locations in the Flathead Valley can be found here.  We do not recommend you send cash through the mail. Entries will be recorded and posted to the website on a regular basis, including the pot tally. All proceeds benefit the Flathead Valley Ski Education Foundation, the Whitefish Mountain Race Teams and the Whitefish Ski Heritage Museum.