CONCUSSION BASELINE ASSESSMENT: FVSEF strongly recommends that all athletes age 12 and above, undergo a “Baseline Assessment for Concussion” for use in the event that a subsequent concussion injury is suspected. Basement testing establishes the athlete’s status when normal, which helps determine whether cognition has been effected by a subsequent injury. The cognitive impairments that follow concussion are much easier to detect if the athlete’s post-concussion performance is compared to his/her own performance when normal i.e. at “Baseline”. Any decisions regarding the athlete’s return to participation will be determined by the results of ongoing test results compared to his/her Baseline.

Baseline testing for FVSEF athletes has been arranged at two local facilities:

1. The Summit in Kalispell offers both ImPACT and BIODEX tests. These are the most comprehensive tests available, and are recommended for athletes age 14 and over. There is a $20 charge for Baseline testing at the Summit.

Call April Terry at 751-4533 to schedule a test.

2. The Physical Therapy Clinic in Columbia Falls (a division of North Valley Hospital) offers SCAT3 and BESS BALANCE testing. The SCAT3 is the most commonly used Baseline test.

Call 892-2777 to schedule a test.


If you have any questions regarding Baseline testing, please contact Geoff Calaway at 881-4823.