FVSEF is a valley-wide nonprofit community-based youth organization dedicated to the promotion of athletic, academic and personal excellence through educational and competitive programs in skiing and ski racing. FVSEF participants become better athletes, better students and better citizens… For Life!


FVSEF Value Statement

  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for each participant to grow to their highest possible athletic and personal level.
  • Provide educational and competitive programs that enable each athlete to reach his/her goals and athletic potential in their sport.
  • Provide well-rounded leadership that includes emphasis on Citizenship, Sportsmanship and Scholarship in addition to athletic excellence.
  • Provide quality training, educational and competitive venues that support and develop athletic and personal development.
  • Attract and retain coaches and staff of the highest caliber, both personally and professionally.  Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities for the coaches.
  • Develop and grow fundraising in order to accommodate the financial requirements of the program. Create and grow an endowment sufficient to provide significant supplemental funding.
  • Maintain and further develop the positive image of FVSEF by requiring all athletes, coaches, volunteers and employees to exhibit exemplary sportsmanship.
  • Develop and promote a positive relationship with Whitefish Mountain Resort, the Flathead Valley’s communities and supporters of FVSEF.
  • Provide academic emphasis and support to help participants maintain the requirements of both FVSEF and their schools.
  • Develop and maintain an overall program and administrative system which can efficiently service the needs of its’ participants.
  • Develop an overall strategy for branding, marketing and promoting FVSEF in the Flathead Valley and throughout the national competitive skiing community. Focus on communication with participants, parents, and other stakeholders.
  • Embrace and promote the rich history of skiing in the region to augment and enhance FVSEF programs in the present and future.